If you are one of the millions of people that are planning to visit Disneyland, you will want to ensure that you get the best possible deal you can. In order to do this most people will go online and look for Discount Disneyland Packages and that is perhaps the best way but there will be many of them and so you should choose the one you want carefully. Firstly of course there are the packages that Disney offers themselves which will usually include admission to the parks plus accommodation in one of their Disney hotels. Next there will be the packages offered by other hotels in the area. As most of these hotels are affiliated to Disney, they often will have similar packages to the ones Disney offer. Then there are the packages that are offered by the different travel agencies and although these may be similar to the Disney packages, some may include additional discounts on your travel arrangements to the park. Lastly there are the packages that are offered by some of the different airlines and one of these may be the best option if you are considering flying to Disneyland as they can also offer reduced prices for their flights. Whichever package you choose though, you will be like the vast majority of visitors that believe the price you paid was well worth it for the great experience you have at Disneyland.

Disneyland opened in the 1950s and has ever since been considered to be the world’s premier theme park and although many other theme parks have opened since then, most people think that none of them can compare to the total Disney experience you receive when visiting Disneyland. When Disneyland was under construction Walt Disney himself took great interest in it and even after it opened he still showed so much interest in how it was received by the public that he had an apartment built for him and his family above the firehouse so he could observe events as they happened. In order for the staff to be aware that Walt was present in the park, whenever he was in the apartment a candle would be lit in the central window of the apartment and today, since his death, that candle has been lit every day in recognition of his eternal presence in the park. Such attention was played to visitors having fun in the park that a tunnel system was built beneath it so that staff would not disturb the visitors with their toing and throwing. This tunnel system is still in use today and that is why during your visit, you will rarely see maintenance staff moving from one attraction to another, although for safety reasons they have to. What you may see though are cats but the cats are allowed to roam wild within the park as that is one way that Disney use to maintain the absence of mice and rats in the park areas. And neww kittens are brought in every year.